April 18: Biz + Life Goals

Hi guys! At the beginning of every month, I’m starting to share an in-depth look at my business and life goals for the month coming up. I’ve re-discovered that the chances of hitting goals will be better if I share them, write them down and stay accountable! And this also gives me a chance to work on the things that are most important and disregard all the others. Goal making is fast becoming something I’m passionate about, and this is a great way for me to stay focussed on my return to the business and blog. I’m so pumped about being able to work on this little biz, and as the form of this blog will change and transform, I want to keep creating content that will inspire and educate. Here we go!

New months bring new things. 

The end of March especially  has brought so much of calm and beauty. I just celebrated another birthday, with some lovely friends and family visiting us. With Easter Sunday we celebrated again yesterday and with the new sense of calm and clarity all around, it seemed fitting to write about what’s happening around these corners, and express a bit about life in general.

Somehow, this fresh calm has made me reflect on our journey so far.

We moved to this new city last year. New City : Sydney, Australia.

Sydney brought about a whirlwind of transition and potential, surpassing anything I thought would have happened last year. We moved from Perth, and immediately a couple of things happened:

1. Our things would not be arriving for another 6 weeks
2. I was working on a client project without my desktop computer
3. We had to find a place to live – this took us 4 weeks.

January 2017 will always be, to me, that month of the year where I felt like an omelette. Tossed, mixed and somewhat burned. From the outside, it looked so exciting; the new journey, leaving the old city for the new one, cascading down new highways and learning about nooks and corners of a city I was once enamoured by.

Sydney was about to disrupt my concept of me.

I was suddenly, with my hubby, in a new place and this place is so completely different from anything I’d seen in Perth. The pace was frantic, Sydney siders seem to live in a world of their own – the morning commuters so adept at moving swiftly, the trains moving and buses swiftly gaining momentum. Everyone is on their phones. I wanted to connect with someone and feel a bit like I was making progress in the ‘make a friend’ department, but nada.

It was hard, to say the least.

Chaotic, bumpy, rough.

Living in a hotel room for 6 weeks made me nauseous and full of an angst I didn’t know existed. I had to complete a client’s project that was supposed to be done way back, in Perth. With new deadlines and a sense of dread considering I did not have any proper editing equipment. I slowly braced myself for the rest of that project. We completed it 2 whole months later – along with moving house (we now live in a ‘burb called Ryde) and setting up home (there was nothing really ‘set up’ until 3 months after that)

Soon as that project finished, I was in the Philippines for my birthday – running along the shores of a paradise beach was healing, and brought so much of that long-lost stability and sense of positivity I was wanting to feel. We were there for a wedding, one of my friends from Perth, and had purchased tickets months earlier. That place and the event was amazing. Just the best. Simply put, it was the oasis to my desert, the calm to my storm and a break that only the heavens would have lined up for me. Actually worthy of a separate blog post.

When I got back, I was so short of moolah, it wasn’t funny. Bills had piled up and I quickly decided to find myself a part-time/contract job. I decided to take one up in customer service. I learned SO much about business, offerings, and customer care in that time. It’s another blog post all on its own.

After the customer service gig contract of 3 months ended, I took up a job as a Sales Consultant in a furniture store. I loved the process of learning about Interior Design, working with people looking for a fresh look for their homes or looking for a replacement of their own old interiors. It has taught me so much about learning to work with different personalities and tastes, educating your customer about how you can best help them, and putting their needs above everything. Sales is all about relationships – and in business (and in life) it’s the key to pretty much everything one can possibly want to create/make/shape/relate.

It also was one of those jobs that made me realise what a gift it is to have talented staff around and how you can either bring out the best in your team or the worst!

The reason I’m writing all of this, is to say how grateful I am, back in this space. Back on the biz, and back on this blog. I’m looking forward to using all the lessons that I’ve learned – both in the customer service and sales space. The complaints might be many in a customer service environment, but the nature of the work dictates the foundations of all business – offer Value, and do it well. I’ll certainly remember this always!

With the above experiences in mind, these are a few goals for this month:

  • Reviewing every single client job created so far, and polishing our processes and paperwork to reflect the values and goals of this business. Chutzpah Creative was first created to shine a light on the stories that matter – and to communicate loud and clear, the message that every business story has value and can have positive impact on the world.
  • Updating the Portfolio section (April + May 2018) and communication of the value we give our clients
  • Create a long-term vision for the brand aka Communicate our why Loud and Clear. It might take a while to get that across but it’s ok. I’ve decided that being in business is about the long game, not the quick and easy. In wanting to build a brand that is loved, there is also the work that makes it lovable, and note-worthy. It’s one brick at a time. To say that I even had a chance to serve a single client through this business is just so freaking cool.
  • Sharing notes about the ins and outs of running a business: I would love to do this weekly – and mostly because I’ve learned so much from entrepreneurial folk who have shared their own journeys online.
  • Branding photography and update all imagery on this site Excited to work with Hayley Richardson on a Brand Shoot for Chutzpah Creative!
  • Featuring businesses and blogs that are inspirational/doing great work in the world/creative skills/rad.
  • Create a media kit for future clients: This is something that I’ve wanted to do for a long time but have not been able to create but this is the month, it is!
  • Attend networking events to meet other biz owners, and begin with new creative and exciting projects.

Some networking events I’m keen to check out + be a part of:

Creative Mornings

Realise Business 



I want to embody my brand value in my life, and there is no better time than this new beginning. 

So, those are my goals all for this month, guys. I’m thrilled to get into the Sydney life and business here and really see what’s possible. I will update this blog as much as I can and stay as active as possible, sharing all that I learn. Let me know what you’re upto! I’m so glad that you’re following along, and really appreciate your presence here!

If you’re thinking of using video in your business, send us an email at hello@chutzpahcreative.com – and we will be so glad to help you with a free initial consultation.

Fear – what if it ran the (whole) show?

Hi friends, it’s mid-week but this one’s been full of learning and reflection, and I was compelled to write and share. Specifically about fear and feeling it in almost most moments of change and challenge.

  • The backstory to this post.

In the midst of creating, connecting with our past and some new clients, juggling projects, moving cities, (Perth WA to Sydney, Australia) setting up home and office and relegating myself to boss status, there are untimely and not-so-motivating thoughts of Who am I to do this/I’m too —– to get this completed/I can’t.

Then I reach for more coffee.

In the midst of this, I think:

What if Beyonce listened to her fear and never sang, danced and expressed herself?!

I, forever that person in the #Beyhive, shudder at that thought. 

That voice of doubt, and shrinking myself in moments of change and upheaval is something that has followed me always. But in every situation, a choice presents itself and it’s in those minuscule segments of trepidation and apparent chaos that destiny is made and legacies forged.

Here I am, following my dreams, doing my best, loving my work, wearing my passion, sharing my journey and there is that small, niggling fear. As always, a constant pop up.

I’m calling it out, today. No ignoring it. I know that it’s showing up for a reason, it wants me to be safe, to be ok.

But today, it’s not the driver of my day, of my business and of my life.

There is nothing extraordinary about fear.

But there is nothing ordinary about hearing the fear, feeling all of it, and living your best life, anyway.

To fear – that constant catalyst, 

Let’s keep going forward regardless. It’s going be the best day ever.

FD x

PS. If you feel like it, post about a moment (in life or business) where you felt fear, and went ahead anyway. Would love to hear it!

PPS. I made a printable – with some help from Canva 😉 save it on your phone or tablet!.

Weekly Roundup #1: Lessons from life (+link up)

Garance Dore Illustration

Hi people!

It’s been an eventful week and I’m glad it’s Friday – but as far as blogs and posts go, my heart seemed quite set on writing here this evening, so here I am.

Can I just express how much I love conversation? Like the friend to friend, warmth-filled, laughter riddled conversation that leaves you buzzing and loving life? Yes, those ones.

I had a couple of those this week. And they came from seemingly unconventional places. One of them was an old gardener I know, who plants roses and tills the land. He’s mostly quiet and serene, his wrinkled skin telling stories of many days in the sun, working until he he’s his roses bloom. And how they bloom. Daily, I bask in their beauty.

Another conversation took place at a cafe, with a barista who is obsessed with making the perfect cup of coffee. I have a coffee at this place, and have been doing so for the past 2 years. Every morning. The joy of a great cup of well made coffee is real, my friends. When that taste hits the spot, and you close your eyes taking in the smell of freshly cracked beans and milk with that powdery heaven of chocolate on top. Drool.

Both conversations happened as these two went on with their work. They’re seemingly simple – gardening and making coffee.

But over time, I’ve seen them both these people creating consistent results with their craft, being diligent with their time and finding great fulfilment and satisfaction as they see the world take pleasure in what they have created.

I couldn’t help relating this to Chutzpah Creative. Deep in my heart, I strive for this, too. I hope that this business creates the kind of consistent results in a humble fashion, and that we can continue to be of service in the best way possible. No matter how big, or small, the job may be.

+ + +


Here’s a few links from around the web in the world of video, social media + content marketing:

Vimeo has a cool piece about ‘chasing the light’

Worried about how you’ll come across on camera? Here are 10 awesome tips to make you feel totally ready for video!

This post about making videos on a tight budget. Gavin Carroll from Lush nailed it.

Regina wrote about How NOT to get caught up in the ‘six-figure’ hype online. So good.

My girl Melyssa wrote a pretty epic piece on transforming content and repurposing it. How cool?!

And that’s a wrap for this week!


Feature picture/Illustration by Garance Dore
Picture 2 by Rayi Christian Wicaksono

Welcome to Chutzpah Creative

I am beyond thrilled to be able to write this today and launch Chutzpah Creative HQ out into the blogosphere, and the world.

This is the beginning of a (long-standing) dream come true and I feel like it’s my very own love-letter to the world.

Story-telling is my passion, and bringing people together to create something new is the thrill of my life. I want to help the world by telling better stories.

I believe business owners deserve the best education (and motivation) for using video in their online business – and how to get the best results for capturing and sharing your video online.

When I first started thinking about video production, for business, I originally intended for this to be a video production specialised – a stand alone service for entrepreneurs and business owners, but soon realised that my audience would be falling short of some pretty important connections – those being your social marketing tools I don’t think any business owner should run their business without.

Time and time again, the clues that keep popping out are the fact that a good video production isn’t going to make the cut for you, it’s going to only be truly harnessed with that special something that only a good social strategy can bring you.

In knowing this, I’ve made a decision to bring you the education you need to run your business in the ‘Chutzpah triad’ which is video, social media and content marketing.

So, let’s talk about how using video for your online business is going to make life better for you.

Chutzpah Creative | Welcome to Chutzpah Creative

Video is essential for 3 main reasons:

One, it gives your audience a direct and visceral experience of not just your message but YOU as a person. Business is about connection, authentic communication and a real desire to serve your audience through your work. Now with video, it’s possible to also have a presence and be in a position to explain, illustrate and articulate your message like you’ve never done before.

Just 2 minutes of a video can provide a clearer and more concise idea of how your product, service or program will work. Whether you’re selling an e-course, practising a new yoga pose or teaching people how to run their business, video can take you to the next level and give your message laser sharp focus.

You can use video for not only your marketing but also daily communication – how to use your product, how to maintain your health, how to create an online course or maybe just how your day went.

Lastly, being on camera will not only gain you a better presence online, but using it consistently will make it easier for you to make an authentic, rich and lasting connecting with your tribe.

Here on the blog, I will share video production and tips for using video tools, but also outlining and and developing your marketing voice to make sure your products, voice and style stand out as unique and strong.

So welcome and thank you for being here! My goal for my first year is to do a few projects and do them really, really well. I want to explore the possibility of collaboration, of creating with the intention to serve and to really understand my audience better, and to adjust and change my approach where I need to.

I am honoured and delighted to share everything I know about online video and content strategies with you!

Here’s to the online world and the ever expanding possibilities of video stories, social media and content marketing!

I want to say a huge thank you to my amazing website designer Shauna Haider from We are Branch. She has been patient and so on-point with her suggestions and general brilliance! If you guys need a website, or a brand or anything design related, she’s the real deal.