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About Fayann

“Be the change you wish to see.” — Mahatma Gandhi



First, a bit about me.

Viewing life through the lens of my camera? Heaven.

Collecting narratives, breathing in surroundings and taking in stories. Total bliss to me. It lights me up.

I absolutely adore everything about being behind the camera, getting the right shot, directing and working with clients and businesses to get their message across.

Along with this, I also the love opportunity of connecting with people, listening to their stories, getting excited about the details of their journey!

Other things: Good typography makes me weak in the knees. I love Bach and Chopin, but I adore Beyonce too.

Fayann In Paris


I’m a video producer/director, yet I’m also well aware that video needs social – and vice versa.
I love being a teller-of-stories, pictures, and videos & meeting interesting people! In particular, teaching entrepreneurs + business owners to produce their own business stories on video – and over the years, I’ve added social media marketing and content creation to the mix..
I really believe that the beauty of video lies in the fact that you’re able to mix perfectly your own unique personality and voice with audio-visuals. When this is perfectly conveyed with the expressions and special idiosyncrasies that make you, you, that’s something that words and sound can’t do alone.
In my experience as a director, recording the first video, or taking a chance with your first piece to camera can be daunting – there’s no ignoring that. But, the experience of writing your story, recording it and sharing it is the perfect opportunity to not only learn something new, but to bond with your audience and the people who can truly benefit from your business.
Want to make your audience sit up and take notice? Wait for your content to appear in their news feed? Video stories can create that kind of connection. You can take your experience and new ideas and transform that into a piece of narrative that will shift the way you think about marketing, and transform the way your audience thinks about you.
Creating new video content consistently and sharing them on your social media is a move your business will be happier for. Also, you’ll be pleased to know that Google absolutely loves video. Now, you’re SEO optimised, too!
Ignoring the call to tell your business story on film or digital video is like attempting to give a speech to a large audience in a stadium – albeit without a microphone. Now, the only one who can hear your voice is you, the audience has lost interest because they weren’t able to hear your story and most of them have already moved onto the next social media update.
Will you be part of it? Will you dare to step into this paradigm of storytelling, where connection is made through your own unique expression of what your business is, and what it can do to change the world?
I hope you say yes to being courageous and shining bright.
Welcome to Chutzpah Creative. Learn more about our philosophy here.
We look forward to crafting your story.