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Why Video is a game changer in the universe of content marketing

Chutzpah Creative - September 2017

Everyone’s telling you to get a video for your website these days, or better – hop onto a social media channel and create video stories for your business. #AMIRIGHT?

I sense a nod.

It’s true. Video is here to stay, and in a big way. Whether your business is a service based one, or a product based one, you can use video to really connect with the people who matter to you.

YouTube is a fore-runner when it comes to search engines. In fact its the worlds second largest search engine. So even though video has usually been the last option for business owners – its now a priority on every marketers list. You just cannot ignore it.

Three reasons here on why getting into the video game is more crucial that ever:

  1. Upgrade your SEO standing: 

This is the numero uno reason why Video can and should be the Queen (or King) of your marketing game online. Having a great SEO ranking will put you right in front of your customers – and your business (and you) will be happier for it.

    2.  Increase the amount of conversions in your business

There’s a key moment when a decision gets made. By your client – or someone who is thinking of working alongside you. Video is one of those mediums that makes decision making a lot easier.

    3. Increase engagement with your content 

Content takes effort to create! You know this, if you are the creator of your business + marketing content. Small biz owners have this challenge (including me!) of making the time to create value adding content for the business. Video allows people to have real time engagement with your stories, it’s a virtual experience like no other!

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