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Reading this changed the way I thought about running an online business

When I began thinking about starting a business, way back in 2009, I had no idea about details about running a business, and the actual time and effort that goes into making things happen. As a young professional beginning to create new connections and yearning to ‘get out there’, it felt like there was so much to do, but nowhere to really begin.

Until I began to read biz books that changed all that.

Reading and learning became my ‘go-to’ tool to widen my horizons into what was possible, and these books literally became my teachers. So much advice and life direction in a single week! (about the time it takes me to fully read a book) If you’re a business owner and just starting a new business – reading is definitely worth your time, and inevitable will lead to a breakthrough in your own thinking and ideas.

1. Creativity – The Perfect Crime, by Philip Petit 

Reading this book was akin to going on a super exciting journey,  whilst being in a mysterious wonder land…it redefined what reading a book meant to me! I felt like I was on a 4D, virtual reality mission, being creative whilst traversing the gap between the Twin Towers, on a rope. The thought processes and mindfulness of this perfectly chaotic and transcendental soul (Petit) will fill you with a yearning for a new adventure. I had no idea what lay inside this cathartic and almost playful book. It is filled with a variety of things involved in the journeying of creative people, including – the vision, the decision making moment, the preparation process, getting resources together and being resourceful, setting out on an epic journey, and then the tension filled moments of making the dream happen.

If you’re a creative soul looking to fill your moments with an inspiration like no other. Or if you’re planning world domination and need a spirit guide, THIS is your book.

2. Do the Work – Steven Pressfield  

I read this book way before I actually got out and began a full time journey with my business. Honestly, one needs to read it, and then do the work, and then possibly go back for a second read. I first heard about Steven Pressfield through Marie Forleo, and happened to have it on my Kindle throughout 2013-2015, which is when I was playing with the idea of having my own business. Setting it up, and following through with the work – it aint no joke. Pressfield is all about dealing with resistance, knowing it, working with it, working through it and basically being aware about the existence of resistance, but not letting it drive you or your creative and/or business practice.

3. Make it Happen – Surrender your fear, take the leap, live on purpose – Lara Casey 

I enjoyed reading this book – Lara shares a similar faith based thinking to myself. Reading this reminded me that one’s greatest setbacks, faults, struggles and disappointments can become the radical footing for a ground breaking future. I loved her honesty, her clear style of writing and also felt like she was so open and transparent in sharing her own business journey, and the ups and downs of her experience, and the lessons she learned while building a business from scratch.

4.Do Cool Shit – Miki Agrawal

One of the very earlier ‘biz books’ I came across. This badass fiery woman inspired me like no other. She is smart, tactical and almost ninja in my view. There are certain traits in entrepreneurs that just remind me of a ninja, and Miki is just that. From being on a national soccer team to starting a new line of healthy pizza, Miki has really created a new realm of understanding what is it to be a builder, someone who creates from nothing. Her gutsy attitude and chance-taking chutzpah had me at page 1. #greatread

5.Show your work – 10 Ways to Share your Creativity and get discovered – Austin Kleon

Early on, it was quite hard for me to have the confidence to show people my work. It was, in my eyes, a mammoth task to share it and be at the mercy of an audience. Now, in business, it’s my duty and a vital practice of my everyday life to be able to show people the work, talk about, get practical and honest feedback that will improve the work. As creatives, it’s so important to have the humility and vulnerability to share your ‘baby’ with the world. Only something that gets easier with time!

Hope you enjoy getting into these delicious pages! If you have any recommendations of a good business or self help book, please leave a comment! I would love to know 😀