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April Goals: New places, new spaces.

Guys! It’s been a while. I know!!! I’m stoked to be back.

// As I write this, I’m both chuckling to myself, in the nicest way, and also energised by the possibilities surrounding me. And as I write this, we are officially operating here in Sydney as well as in Perth. (!!!) Somebody pinch me! I thought about this, but never in my wildest dreams did I think this year, 2017, would be the year I’d be living, like a proper Sydney sider, here in freaking Sydney!!!

My husband Josh accepted a new job here, and that’s the reason we came here. Wow. Life knows how to surprise, delight and errything! I’d be lying if I didn’t also tell you that it’s been chaotic, exhausting, full of tired nights and heavy eyelids, but we’re waking up daily to a city that is buzzing, and as far as I’m concerned, I’m in for this wild ride…

It’s been almost 3 months since we left Perth, and since then, we’ve lived in a hotel for a month (in Chatswood), scrambled around to find a place to live, and finally found the perfect spot in Ryde, opened 55 (yes, 55) boxes of home life, and tried to put things in place. In between all this, there was a trip to the Philippines (Boracay) – sharing more about this soon! And now, in another 10 days, I will be flying back to Perth for a dear friends wedding.

Exhausted just writing all this out so you can imagine the journey. It was. intense.

But I’m here and it’s quiet. I can hear the birds singing, the traffic sounds have a somewhat calming on my work, our to-do lists are not as long, even though we have lots to look forward to this year, and there is a sense of newness in every day, especially in the way I approach work here at Chutzpah.


Someone asked me the other day – a friend who wants to begin her own business – what does business mean to you? Good Q.

Personally, it means the world to express, to create, to serve to your highest ability. To meet and work with different and talented clients, to go beyond what you thought was possible, and to dream big.

When I began, the enthusiasm to just begin was so great, and I had so much fun in the first few months with my first few clients. There was a spark in literally everything I did! Even if I had to work all night to hit a deadline, and even with balancing different issues within the business – I could just not miss the smile and satisfaction of a job done.

Back to being in this new city.

I wonder what’s ahead. I smile at these blue skies and want to jump with some amount of excitement, even as I think about my friends and family in Perth.

And as always, I ask myself this question – what are my goals supposed to be? Do they change massively because I’m in a new place? Do they become bigger?

Strange are the ways of my brain – but these six are what popped out for me

  1. Serve with Soul: Envelope my work with warmth and love.
  2. Discover Sydney: It’s a new city, let’s go play!
  3. Connect with others: I don’t know anyone here. It’s an opportunity to make new friends!
  4. Share your work: Update that portfolio, and get case studies up and running’
  5. Build a team: More about this a bit later
  6. Progress over perfect: This is something I learned from Lara Casey, and it’s always brought me from a place of angst about perfection to knowing that I can take one more step forward and I’ll be just fine!
Pic by Phoebe Hook

// Some things that helped me with the move: 💕                                                                                                                                                                            Essential Oils: Hardly thought I’d ever even say this, but using DoTerra Oils – so good! My favourite is the Balance blend 🙂

Journal practice: 

Staying in the moment – I try! But no seriously, journalling the monkey mind is key – every morning, some stream of consciousness gets passed on to a lucky piece of paper – or my very loyal laptop.

Doing the work:

Timing, timing! All about that time! I came to Sydney with a massive project and a lot of editing to do – a whole album with a super talented artist and some close deadlines. Along with working on my laptop for almost a month, because my desktop was on it’s way – and being in a hotel room, I was well on my way to being focussed for a few hours a day.


Last but not least, I think my faith in God and His providence has grown stronger with this experience. Spending time in the quiet is the best time of my day.

As it stands, this week – Friday, I head back to Perth to reconnect with the city, be bridesmaid <!> (more on this later), visit family and generally exhale. We’ve had a pretty full on couple of months here, and this is going to be so, so good.

back soon,

Fayann x