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Fear – what if it ran the (whole) show?

Hi friends, it’s mid-week but this one’s been full of learning and reflection, and I was compelled to write and share. Specifically about fear and feeling it in almost most moments of change and challenge.

  • The backstory to this post.

In the midst of creating, connecting with our past and some new clients, juggling projects, moving cities, (Perth WA to Sydney, Australia) setting up home and office and relegating myself to boss status, there are untimely and not-so-motivating thoughts of Who am I to do this/I’m too —– to get this completed/I can’t.

Then I reach for more coffee.

In the midst of this, I think:

What if Beyonce listened to her fear and never sang, danced and expressed herself?!

I, forever that person in the #Beyhive, shudder at that thought. 

That voice of doubt, and shrinking myself in moments of change and upheaval is something that has followed me always. But in every situation, a choice presents itself and it’s in those minuscule segments of trepidation and apparent chaos that destiny is made and legacies forged.

Here I am, following my dreams, doing my best, loving my work, wearing my passion, sharing my journey and there is that small, niggling fear. As always, a constant pop up.

I’m calling it out, today. No ignoring it. I know that it’s showing up for a reason, it wants me to be safe, to be ok.

But today, it’s not the driver of my day, of my business and of my life.

There is nothing extraordinary about fear.

But there is nothing ordinary about hearing the fear, feeling all of it, and living your best life, anyway.

To fear – that constant catalyst, 

Let’s keep going forward regardless. It’s going be the best day ever.

FD x

PS. If you feel like it, post about a moment (in life or business) where you felt fear, and went ahead anyway. Would love to hear it!

PPS. I made a printable – with some help from Canva 😉 save it on your phone or tablet!.