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Getting started with video: A mini-series on Insta!

Hi, guys!

Just dropping a note here about the mini-series that’s been happening over at our Instagram account @chutzpahz!

We’re talking about the 5 types of videos this week that you can get started with for marketing your business, product or service.

We’ve mentioned this before – video production for your agency, business or blog is one of the best ways to bring in new clients and establish yourself as an expert in your field. Are you ready to get in the know-how on how to increase your increase, showcase your valuable skills and use the best marketing tool out there? This week, Chutzpah Creative is starting on our very first mini-series on Instagram – beginning with how to use video for marketing your business if you’ve never done it before.

So far, we’ve covered advice related to “Creating video testimonials” and “Creating video tutorials”. You can expect to learn a few things about branding your biz in videos and these videos can be for your website, social media or wherever else you choose!

A video is an awesome way to market your business. Main benefits of producing your own content?

Grow your own influence in the marketplace, communicate and exchange ideas with others in your niche who want to learn more, create community through your content, and also learn new strategies and communication methods as you go!

This is one of the posts we’ve shared so far, check it out. Day 1 was about Creating video testimonials. 

 >>> So, your business offers great service. You put love, every bit of effort and passion into it and you absolutely adore your clients. Sounds right? Thought so! ⠀

You get regular feedback from your clients after you provide a product or service through your business. This, my friends, is gold when it comes to video marketing. Client feedback is advocacy for your business. It establishes you and your brand as a credible, reliable resource. ⠀

Your website can tell people what kind of amazing service you deliver, but client testimonies CONFIRM that fact! They back your words up. Instead of selling your business yourself, let your client’s story do this for you! ⠀

Some pointers on getting it right:

1. Don’t script it – allow people to be natural and unrehearsed. Ask questions about the journey. What did they experience? Why did they contact you, why did you stand out? and what was it about the service that was best?⠀

2. Do this while your work is fresh in their mind – you can totally contact them even if it’s been a while since they saw you, and if it was a positive and creatively awesome experience, your client is going to be happy to hear from you, guaranteed! ⠀

3. Prepare your clients when they first sign up with you. Let them know this at the very beginning. That you’d love the opportunity to capture their feedback on video – this way they’re going to be prepared to get in front of the lens after the work ends! ⠀

4. Who are your businesses latest and greatest fans? Who are the people you’ve seen grow and succeed because of a product or service you provided? Make a list today. ⠀

5. Send them a message, now – and I’m 100% sure they’re only going to be more than happy to share the love! ⠀
Remember, your business story and how it gets communicated is totally dependant on you! Use video and get more eyes 👀on your awesome, amazing work.⠀

For more tips on how to use video for your business, hop on over to our account on Insta, follow our account @chutzpahz and be amazed! 😉 

‘See’ you on social, and leave a comment for us – anything related to using video and production and we will do our best to help 🙂

Fay x