Chutzpah Creative

Hello, October (and happy 5 month anniversary to Chutzpah HQ!)

To blog or not to blog, that is the question.

Coming back to this space has been on my brain for quite-some-time, and I’m happy to say we’re finally back on track with our editing projects!! <cue the celebratory music!>

It’s been 5 months of being in full-time biz, and what a glorious, exciting, heart-thumping ride to be on. Each day is different and each passing moment brings new opportunity, new challenges and most importantly, growth.

When I decided to go into business, it was mainly for one reason – to feel more joy at work. (can I get an amen?!)

Sounds simple enough, right? More joy at work? What brings this ‘joy’? Well, I really, sincerely wanted to feel like I was doing my very best, working with the very best, and serving the community and the world through this joy. I wanted to feel ease and freedom when it came to communicating with people, I wanted to work with my strengths, focus on what I did best, and create freedom and space to be creative, innovative and relevant to the current zeitgeist.

It’s not easy to create this, but what I’ve found is that it’s POSSIBLE.

What materialises when one steps out into the unknown? What adventures and experiences are to be had when one does not know everything?

When structure is thrown out the window and mediocrity is ignored, I found ample opportunity for spontaneity, and as a result of that, some sweet ol’ joy.

Don’t get me wrong, when I say joy, I don’t mean that the road is easier, at all. In fact, the amount of work has doubled, tripled, at times leading me well into creating and producing content at all crazy hours of the day (and night), striving to hit deadlines and feel like I am doing what was set out to be done. The joy has come with some struggle, with adjustments to new ways of communicating and being, with adding new systems in place (where there were none before) and with the knowing that this will be a path where lessons will be learnt at all times, and in every situation.

Having said all that, I’m super grateful to every single person, every single business and every single agency who has gave us the opportunity to get started and get going. There are not enough love hearts in this universe to express the love I feel about this journey.

Since starting 5 months, we’ve had the privilege of working with almost 20 different clients, (case-studies series releasing shortly) committed to finding new ways of working with video and the post-production process,  supported 2 not-for-profit organisations, worked with local vendors in the video production industry in Perth, collaborated with new freelancers (and hope to do more of this!), had the pleasure of speaking at a Girl child education event – a cause that’s very close to this heart, and worked with both children and pets – finding the shot and pressing record at the correct moment!

It is our hope that we’ve begun a conversation about effective communication in the digital age. The short-term goal is to understand what will be most helpful to our clients and how we can most effectively create content that brings clarity of message to their audiences. With the right mindset and the intention to do good behind everything we do, we’re on our way there.

With Gratitude to Infinity,

Fayann + Team Chutzpah