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5 major fears every person has before getting on video – and how to get around them!

5 fears every person has


After working with a few clients on their videos – I can’t help noticing a few doubts and fears that pop up before every shoot, especially when the client is supposed to be in front of the camera.

I’m going to dash straight into it, so here we go. Here are the 5 top comments I get either before, during or after the shoot.

Pain point #1 –  Do I look OK? 

This is the number one question that I get asked before almost anyone begins. This includes – is my hair OK, do I need to change my top, can I change my outfit?

>>>> How to get around this: It’s important to present yourself well, and make sure that you’re prepared with your outfit for the shoot. If it’s your first time, it’s a great idea to work with a stylist or a fashion consultant to make sure you’re presenting an image that’s aligned with your brand.

The more you research videos and maybe even do a ‘dress rehearsal’ before the day of the shoot, the more comfortable and confident you will be on the day of the shoot.

Pain point #2. How do I begin? What do I say?

Always, always discuss this with your videographer and begin with an introduction that you’re prepared with and are pretty confident with.

>>>> How to get around this: I don’t recommend scripting the entire video, unless it’s scientific, or has vital stats that you have to get right – or if you have a VOV – VoiceOverVideo

With regards to a video introduction, it’s best to know what you’re going to say, in 2-3 short sentences. The rest of the presentation can then flow as and how you want it.

I’ve recently worked with The Centre for Faith Enrichment on their video for courses and thought it best to have a voiceover that explains specific details pertinent info related to the agency.  Together, we scripted every word. It was precise, organised, planned.

In the case of speaking to a camera or answering questions,  in MOST cases, talking spontaneously or answering some interview questions end up coming across as the most easygoing answers – which in turn lead to the whole delivery coming across as natural and conversational.

It’s exactly like you’re talking to someone in person. Interviews are best when they sound conversational and light. Imagine reading a script out as someone asks you, “What are you working on right now?”.


Pain point #3. Is my voice alright? Am I speaking too fast/too slow? 

Most people have possibly never been recorded, so they’ve never heard the sound of their voice played back. I’m going to be very honest – the very first time you hear yourself, you will possibly detest the sound of your own voice – THIS IS TOTALLY NORMAL. You grow to love it, I promise! 😉

>>>> How to get around this: Before you begin speaking, take 3-4 deep breaths. This usually slows down your heart rate, which is possibly pounding, and make you feel a Whole Lot Better.

Go ahead, the next time you’re in front of the lens, stare right back at it, take a few deep breaths and just exhale. and then, smile 🙂

Go ahead. Try this.

Pain point #4. Is the content alright? 

This is a relevant and almost important fear that you need to tackle way back in the pre-production stage.

>>>> How to get around this: If you don’t know what you’re going to say, I suggest have a moment with the producer or director and prepare yourself adequately.

This is totally irrelevant if you’re on SnapChat and going through your day, taking everyone with you on the journey. I’m referring to marketing videos where you’re talking about a very specific program, product, service or fantastic, amazing invention.

In that case, don’t go in blindfolded. If you’re not into scripting, have 3-4 points you’d like to address covering the message, benefits or features of your offering or even just introducing it to the world.

If you’re feeling confident and want to go in guns blazing – go right ahead. But don’t blame the production crew if you’re not happy with the final cut. 😉

Pain point #5. Was that OK? 

Most people ask me this straight after ‘cut’!

After you shoot your video, you will possibly look at the footage and analyse/find mistakes with your hair, weight and more. Most things can be changed in post-production, we can add in cutaways and other relevant footage.

>>>> One piece of advice here: Go easy on yourself and Know that with every video, you will grow more in confidence and skill. And that little mistake you keep making? That’s YOU. Your audience will love and adore you for you and you alone. With video, ‘Done is better than perfect.’

Those were the top FIVE things people ask before, during and after they get on camera.

Now, I would love to hear from you.

Have you had similar thoughts when you’re planning to use video? Leave a comment below and let me know 🙂