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Chutzpah Creative HQ Monthly goals: May 2016

Chutzpah Creative_May 2016 Goals
Hi guys!

I’m blissed out about being here, writing on this blog, and running an online biz!

At the start of every month, I’ve decided to share my biz goals for the month ahead. This is both scary, and I feel pretty vulnerable doing it, but I know it’s going to keep me accountable and it’s also a fantastic way to aim towards my big wishes and intentions for Chutzpah Creative HQ. My aim is to focus on creating, connecting with clients and other entrepreneurs, and providing value on a regular basis, and I know that sharing this information is going to help me stay on course and ‘on intention’!

In this post, I am going to write about my goals for my first month in business.

Let’s do this!

Goals for May 2016

The first post for the month of May is all about some good ol’ goal-setting and intention-based thinking. I realise that the first month is going to possibly entail a massive number of choices – and I’ll possibly be encountering new territory, but I’m also aware that what doesn’t get prioritized isn’t going to get done! And really, I’ve lived enough to know this – and this wisdom comes from my mentor Marie Forleo – What’s not scheduled is NOT REAL.


1. Market Chutzpah Creative HQ as OPEN FOR BUSINESS!

Well, we are in fact, ready to rumble and one of my aims this month is to create the awareness of just that!

To do this – I’m keen to get our social media alive ’n kickin’. There is something so insanely exciting about launching and finally having your website up. Cannot explain the feeling. Getting feedback from my family and friends about having it up and running has been great, cause I’ve been TALKING about it continuously for a while, and now it’s actually online. Good vibes all ‘round.

I do love being on social media and the idea of marketing the business here is going to be awesome, but I’m also SO aware of the fact that client-facing meetings, and as Dr Kate Byrne calls them, {‘decision making’ conversations} are just as important to the life of a business – so meeting new people and discerning where we can help is going to be another priority for me.

Emailing people and getting more people on my mailing list. Have you checked out our opt in? This is a really helpful checklist for before you create videos. Check it out!

2. Meet new people! Host my first twitter chat: #chutzpahchat

Twitter chats are a fantastic way to build community and meet other entrepreneurs in the same space, or people who are working towards similar goals. I cannot wait to get started on this! Hooray to meeting new people and making new friends online!

I’m going to plan the first chat for mid May. Our twitter channel is @ChutzpahC. Be sure to follow and get all of our updates there!

3. Create and follow a schedule for Instagram and Snapchat

I absolutely love both of these social media platforms, but I haven’t been posting on the daily just yet. They are so visually engaging and I know there’s a lot of potential to connect with my audience there and also share value there, I think it’s pretty vital to meet people where they hang out. My schedule for Instagram would be 4-5 times a week and it’s going to be a daily sharing on Snapchat! Follow us here on Instagram.

4. Create a content strategy + use a content calendar

I’m keen to create new blog posts, videos and helpful content and also share narratives of business processes and life stories. Currently, I’m using Coschedule to line up my blog posts and social media sharing as well. I’m using a paid version of this program and a review of it will definitely be in the works for you for next month.

5. Do things that inspire and uplift

As much as I know that this new business is going to consume my every thought for the next few months, I’m also really mindful that being inspired, staying healthy and being in the right frame of mind is going to help me bring my best to work! I’m looking forward to continuing a regular yoga practice, journalling every morning, and finding time everyday to connect with my family and friends. I want to explore art galleries, read at least 1-2 new books every month and keep going with community events.

That’s me for now. I’d love to hear if you’ve got goals for May, too. I’m super happy that you’re here, reading this and simply being here. Keep going for those big dreams!

Now it’s your turn. What are your dreams for May? What are you planning and working towards? Comment below and let’s get chatting! xo