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Why ‘People Power’ Is Essential To Telling A Great Story

There’s nothing like a good story, is there?

Here at Chutzpah HQ, we believe in having the story before you try and shoot the story.

Here are a few ways in which you can make a good story happen on camera, way before you actually press record.

One of my absolute favourite parts of video creation are the people in the video. I’m talking interviews, testimonials, real life reviews of products and services!

People bring character, emotion and purpose to the content. Their thoughts and views carry a lot of weight when it comes to makes an impression on an audience.

Listening, then has become and has always been, one of the fundamental parts of my storytelling process. The best stories are possible when the makers are good listeners.

When I speak to entrepreneurs and business owners, it’s that spark of joy I look for.

Questions come seamlessly from following that spark. I feel joy when I listen to a good business process, a happy client testimonial, a terrific managers review. It brings me back to the heart of my belief. Business owners can and will change the world.

Here are a few:

+ Having the right person on camera is having someone who can carry the story of the business with ease, depth and consistency.

+ The right person easily draws an audience in, making them curious about the business story, and ready to go on the journey.

+ When your audience is ready for the journey, you have the best opportunity in the world. To take them all in, right to the heart of the purpose of your business and how you can serve them best.

If you’re thinking about creating your next video, ask yourself this question. Who would carry the story of my business really well on camera? Is it a client who has experienced the service, a co-worker, or maybe YOU?

Think about it,