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Welcome to Chutzpah Creative

I am beyond thrilled to be able to write this today and launch Chutzpah Creative HQ out into the blogosphere, and the world.

This is the beginning of a (long-standing) dream come true and I feel like it’s my very own love-letter to the world.

Story-telling is my passion, and bringing people together to create something new is the thrill of my life. I want to help the world by telling better stories.

I believe business owners deserve the best education (and motivation) for using video in their online business – and how to get the best results for capturing and sharing your video online.

When I first started thinking about video production, for business, I originally intended for this to be a video production specialised – a stand alone service for entrepreneurs and business owners, but soon realised that my audience would be falling short of some pretty important connections – those being your social marketing tools I don’t think any business owner should run their business without.

Time and time again, the clues that keep popping out are the fact that a good video production isn’t going to make the cut for you, it’s going to only be truly harnessed with that special something that only a good social strategy can bring you.

In knowing this, I’ve made a decision to bring you the education you need to run your business in the ‘Chutzpah triad’ which is video, social media and content marketing.

So, let’s talk about how using video for your online business is going to make life better for you.

Chutzpah Creative | Welcome to Chutzpah Creative

Video is essential for 3 main reasons:

One, it gives your audience a direct and visceral experience of not just your message but YOU as a person. Business is about connection, authentic communication and a real desire to serve your audience through your work. Now with video, it’s possible to also have a presence and be in a position to explain, illustrate and articulate your message like you’ve never done before.

Just 2 minutes of a video can provide a clearer and more concise idea of how your product, service or program will work. Whether you’re selling an e-course, practising a new yoga pose or teaching people how to run their business, video can take you to the next level and give your message laser sharp focus.

You can use video for not only your marketing but also daily communication – how to use your product, how to maintain your health, how to create an online course or maybe just how your day went.

Lastly, being on camera will not only gain you a better presence online, but using it consistently will make it easier for you to make an authentic, rich and lasting connecting with your tribe.

Here on the blog, I will share video production and tips for using video tools, but also outlining and and developing your marketing voice to make sure your products, voice and style stand out as unique and strong.

So welcome and thank you for being here! My goal for my first year is to do a few projects and do them really, really well. I want to explore the possibility of collaboration, of creating with the intention to serve and to really understand my audience better, and to adjust and change my approach where I need to.

I am honoured and delighted to share everything I know about online video and content strategies with you!

Here’s to the online world and the ever expanding possibilities of video stories, social media and content marketing!

I want to say a huge thank you to my amazing website designer Shauna Haider from We are Branch. She has been patient and so on-point with her suggestions and general brilliance! If you guys need a website, or a brand or anything design related, she’s the real deal.