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Starting With ‘Why’: Yours and Mine

This post is inspired by Simon Sinek.

In his book, and TED talk ‘Start with Why’, Simon outlined a really important concept that has touched my life and work in a profound way. It’s affected my relationships, what I do with my time, how I treat myself and others and most of all, how I view my time on earth.

It’s even influenced my decision to start my own business, believe in myself and create a new path to walk on.

This curiosity has inevitably conjured up ways of how I can have a strong ‘why’, and how my why can find its way into my life, my love and my business.

I believe and I know that every human being has a why. A reason for doing what they do.

And it’s the greatest motivator for growth, progress and fulfilment.

Each of my friends and family have their own why. Each of my clients has a why. Each one of you have one, too.

There is a reason I created this space online, and there is a reason why you are here, in this space.

Your WHY for being here might be one of the following:

+ You’re keen to learn about the digital landscape, and you’ve got a keen eye for the latest info and know-how when it comes to video marketing.

+ You dream of having a brand that uses video, social and content as a holistic package,

+ Once you learn something new, you’re ready to implement, wasting no time in lingering in ‘thinking about it’

+ You have a business, you’re great at your craft/profession and you’re ready to learn.

+ You have a great idea for a marketing video but have no idea where to begin and how you can write and direct the story.

+ You constantly have day (and night) dreams about having a biz blog that rocks your audience’s world.

_ + _ + _

Here’s my why.


It’s the connection between people and business that makes my heart skip.

I learned of the beautiful combination of marketing and video during my honours year at the University of Notre Dame in Perth, WA. It’s a blog post all in itself, and I plan to share some parts of my thesis here, too. The place where heart and business meet, where passion play and some beautiful product come together. That’s exactly where it’s at for me.

I’ve spent almost 8 years learning and implementing with photography studios, production houses, and agencies to create products that communicate and tell the story of a person or a place. I love brainstorming with clients, listening to how they feel about their business, and how this business is going to change, serve and improve the world we live in.

As much as I loved working as a Digital media producer in my full time job, I’ve also realised that in order for me to learn more and grow and make a mark in the world of storytelling, I have to embrace my own Chutzpah principle, put my hand on my heart, and make a move.

This is both challenging and ridiculously scary, but also ridiculously exciting to me. It’s something that’s been waiting to be ‘birthed’ out of me and into the world for a long time, and one thing I know for sure, is that time is NOW!

My skills as a director and producer have changed and expanded. Over the years, I’ve had several roles behind the camera including working as an extras coordinator for a feature film! I’ve worked as an editor, for weddings and promotional videos, and also shot several videos for events, marketing videos and short films, and I especially love the pre-production stage – where connection, conception and visualisation happens, most of the time. One of my core strengths is ‘ideation’ (from the strengths finder test) and my brain squirts a new one every few seconds, so you can imagine how excited I get at the prospect of shooting something new!

Video production can be what you want it to be, and you can make anything of it, it’s all in the amount of time and energy that you put in.

More importantly, I’ve learned that the best productions happen in great teams. Small teams with people who are working in their own zone of genius can produce amazing results.

During my time here as director of Chutzpah Creative, my intention is to serve the unique talents and gifts of business and courageous entrepreneurs by helping them tell their story through video.

I’m thrilled to bits, and absolutely excited about serving you and your business.

Here’s to your boldest biz life!

Thanks for being here,