Chutzpah Creative

Put Your Story First

Not sure if you guys have noticed, but here’s what I’m seeing these days.

More talk about the latest gadget, the app and the most popular snapchat celebrity crush.

What I would love to to see more of = more talk about meaning-filled narrative, feedback and discussion about great story and content that takes an already good story to a great story.

When you hop online to learn about how to create a video, you will most probably see a lot of technical jargon and be turned off by the whole aspect of making and editing a video.

There are a million choices for what equipment to buy. Yes, it’s important to have the right camera, BUT in the midst of all of this, it’s super easy to begin to think that you should just give up and stop.

Put your story first.

There are solutions.

Find a story-teller who is willing to do the listening and who already has done the hard yards of learning the video technique and edit on the run skill.

Make an effort with putting the story of your business first.

This really means that all your resources, decisions and reflection goes into whatever makes your story sound. Strong. Tellable. Enjoyable. Brave. Bold.

Maybe you can ask yourself these questions in the decision making/pre-production process:

+ Who can I choose to add to this narrative so that the story is told in the best way possible?

+ Where can I shoot so that the story I’m trying to tell appears in the best way possible?

+ How can I understand and communicate the vision of my story to a digital storyteller? what are the key moments of my business journey that I need to communicate?

When you answer these questions, you’re on the path to story with engagement and most important, purpose.

Stay on purpose. Start with story.