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How To Conduct A Great Interview

Interviews are a great way to showcase your expertise as a business owner, but also a great opportunity to connect with other thought leaders and professionals in your area of service.

I’ve loved conducting several interviews throughout my career as a digital video producer, and over this time, I’ve learned a few lessons about what makes for great conversation and answers on video.

Here are some pointers when you’re about to ask away.

+ Inform the interviewee in advance about the questions you’ll ask, the place, time and location. confirm all this 2 days in advance.

+ Don’t start asking questions straight away, make some time to make your interviewee comfortable and relaxed. Begin with small talk, and then ease into the real thing.

+ Keep your questions short and succinct. One question at a time.

+ Listen better, listen more. Listen for new insights.

+ Be interested, enthusiastic and attentive.

+ Avoid the murky yes/no questions that leave you with LAME yes/no answers.

+ Prepare with questions, but also be prepared to be spontaneous!

+ Ask for a final comment from the interviewee.

Some of my all time favourite interviewers are Marie Forleo and Oprah Winfrey:

There are some things I’ve noticed that they consistently do across every interview. Each and every one of them.

Here’s what I’ve observed.

+ They connect instantly.

+ They add personality.

+ They’re not afraid of being themselves and thats what makes it so fun!

+ They ask great questions, and listen intently.

+ They never, ever, ever interrupt.

+ They make it about the topic, not about them.

+ They are always looking to provide value to their audiences.

How can you add one or more of these tips to your own business video?